Heel Pain Remedies (self-treatment options)

Heel pain remedies and self-treatment depend entirely on the cause and nature of problem. Heel pain could be caused by a number of reasons and its treatment varies accordingly. Before seeking a remedy it is essential to seek proper medical advice and get exact diagnosis of your ailments. Depending upon the nature and severity of your heel pain treatments could be invasive or non-invasive.

Non-invasive treatment methods are easier and less complicated and could be carried out at home. Invasive or surgical remedies are intricate and should be performed by experts only. Heel pain remedies can also be therapeutic, physical therapies, and home treatments. The exact course of treatment would be determined by your doctor or therapist.


Orthotics is one of the commonest and convenient ways of treating heel pains. Pains arising out of over-pronation are treated best with orthotic inserts. Nearly 70 percent of heel pains are caused because of pronation which is a condition of rolled up foot, falling arches, and inward rolling of foot arches. In addition to heel pain, knee pain and low back ache are also common in this condition. This is observed in people over 50 years of age as they are vulnerable to weak ankles and excessive body weight.

Cases of over-pronation are ideally cured by using orthotic insoles. This specially designed footwear inserts help in aligning your affected foot with the ankle. These insoles rectify body movements and bring it back to normal biomechanical form. (Read more..)

Reusable Cold and Hot Gel Packs

This is a proven treatment for plantar fasciitis which a form of heel pain occurring after one gets up from sleep. Cold packs in the morning and hot packs in the evening make up this remedy routine. This remedy pack works wonders for heel pains caused by plantar fasciitis. A cold gel pack is obtained by keeping it in the freezer and its effectiveness stays for nearly thirty minutes. To heat these packs, microwave ovens could be used. As the jelly inside stays pliable in both cold and warm conditions, it is effective both ways.

Heel Pain Exercises

Stretching exercises done under supervision have a commendable impact on heel pains, especially plantar fasciitis. There are numerous self-treatment exercises that could easily be done at home without using special apparatus. For instance after getting up from sleep but still lying in bed stretch your affected foot and move it up and down for about twenty seconds. Then after getting up but before getting out of bed stay seated with foot placed on the floor. Place a tennis ball or rolling pin underneath the affected foot and roll it forwards and backwards for about twenty seconds. Both these exercises are to be repeated four times.

Another simple but highly effective home remedy for treating heel pains is marble lifting. You need a seat, an empty mug or cup and few marbles for this exercise. Place the marbles and the empty cup on the floor near your foot. Now while seated on a stool or chair, pick up the marbles one by one with the toes of your affected foot and place them in the cup. Repeat this exercise fifteen times.

For Achilles tendon, wall push-ups are recommended as a self-treatment remedy. Stand with both arms straight to a wall at about shoulder height. Place your front foot about twelve inches from the wall. Now bending your front knee and keeping your rear knee straight, lean towards the wall till you feel a stretch in your back leg. Stay in this position for about twenty seconds. Repeat this exercise for the other leg. This cycle should be done ten times. (more heel pain remedy exercises)

Night Splints

This is an effective therapy for heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis night splints offer a delicate tension that allows the affected tissues to revert to their normal form. On an average two or three days are required to treat plantar fasciitis with these splints. Being padded these splints are comfortable and offer the correct tension for relieving pain.

Silicone Heel Cups

Silicone heel cups are  a tested short-term heel pain remedy. This silicon material by applying pressure creates as area of virtual suspension which absorbs any impact of a heel strike. These cups cradle your affected heels comfortably to avoid any kind of sudden shocks. Silicone heel cups are odourless, washable, non-flammable, anti-allergic, and non-toxic.

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