Home Remedies for Treating Heel Spurs

Heel Spur Remedies, Heel spurs develop inside the heels that grow unusually causing pain, discomfort and inflammation in the foot. Heel spurs affect sportsmen the most since they have to lead an active lifestyle with regular weight training and other strenuous physical activities. Due to constant physical activities, repetitive strain is put over the foot tendons, muscles and ligament of plantar fascia causing the band of tissues to pull away from the heels.

The membrane lining the heel bone is also injured and a tight pressure is created on the rear of the heels. As soon as the spurs extend, protruding into the soft tissues and ligaments, extreme heel pain and inflammation is caused that disrupts one’s daily movement and activities. To help relieve heel pain, a number of heel spur remedies are practiced for effective results:-

  • Arch supports: These are an effective way to treat heel spurs and are available in the market in abundance. Place these molds inside your shoes under your heels regularly before leaving for the day. Orthopedic molds are beneficial in lessening heel pain.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: For a long time, apple cider vinegar has been considered one of the best ways to treat pain, be it in any part of the body. A significant home remedy for heel spurs, soak a piece of paper in the apple cider vinegar by cutting it in the shape of your heel and wear it for consecutive 5 days to find great relief from heel pain.
  • Borax solution: Soak the affected part of your heel into the borax solutions and soon feel the difference in inflammation and pain.
  • Ice pack: Apply ice pack around the affected part of your heel to get instant relief from the stabbing heel pain. Ice packs also reduce the muscles stiffness and inflammation to large extent, letting the area to relax.
  • Alfalfa tea: Consume alfalfa tea more than twice a day to eradicate heel pain and discomfort.

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