Heel Pain Symptoms


Our feet have innumerable capillaries and nerves which adjust over time with the heel spur. While we sleep or take rest for long, these capillaries or nerves also relaxes. On waking up and trying to make some movement by placing our heels on the ground, the rested and stiff tissues of our feet cannot stand to this demand. It results in intense pain till the time they once again get adjusted with the spur.

That is why morning heel pain is a common symptom seen in patients already affected with heel spurs. But as the day proceeds and the tissues warm up, the piercing pain subsides and the inflamed area feels better. It should be noted that not all calcaneus/heel spur sufferers encounter the same symptoms. Rather there are times when heel spurs are accidentally discovered while going through X-ray reports for examining other medical conditions. Therefore, you must know about the most common symptoms of heel pain:-

Signs and symptoms of heel pain

  • Intense pain in the heel, especially after long hours of rest when body weight is applied to the heels.
  • Difficulty in standing or walking for long.
  • Initially pain remains confines only to the bottom of the heels but after a period of time, it spreads across the entire heel.
  • Irritation within the heel due to inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament.

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