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The Benefits of Orthotics

You stand on your two feet. They bear all your weight and never complain. Your feet are practically the foundation of your body and if you have any kind of deformity or inflammation in certain muscle fiber(s) or maybe high or low arches, plantar fasciitis, neuroma or any other foot problems, it is highly likely that you will suffer from other bodily problems as well. Did you know how orthotics can benefit you with their special construction and abilities? Yes, Orthotics custom insoles provide you the relief you need. Following are more reasons for having custom orthotics made:

  1. Improved Foot Support

Each one of your feet has 26 bones and more than 100 muscles which make them among the most complex body parts and needless to say that they deserve your attention. Custom orthotics is designed keeping in mind the problem that you might be facing. These assure superior support while facilitating full-contact.

  1. Superlative Comfort

Orthotics insoles are in fact very supportive and also offer much more comfort than those over-the-counter insoles. This is primarily due to the fact that these are crafted to assimilate the unique foot structure of the wearer. A patient suffering from any kind of foot problem would want to keep on wearing them all the time because they allow for free movement throughout the day without making you tired.

  1. Reduced Pain

This is an obvious benefit of orthotics. As the shoe inserts are inserted into the shoe, they start working. They offer additional cushioning and support to your feet as compared to any ordinary shoes. Many clinical studies have shown that prescription orthotics insoles help decrease foot pain and improve foot function.

  1. Corrected Pronation

Pronation is said to happen when the collapsed arches of your feet allow your ankle to fall towards the midline of your body. This results in more stress on your knees, hips, lower back and of course our feet. Orthotics provides your arch with the support it needs to relieve other joints of the pain too.

  1. Corrected Supination

Supination is said to occur when you have very high arches which results in the ankles leaning outward and away from the midline of your body. This too puts additional pressure and strain on your hips, lower back and knees. Custom made Footlogics orthotics helps your joint by providing them with support and automatic position correction.

Conceived in Australia, Footlogics is a renowned brand involved in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality orthotic shoe inserts. Countries like Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands and many regions of South-East Asia are using Footlogics orthotics. Products by Footlogics are of the highest quality and are meant to provide the wearer maximum comfort.


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