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3 Major Basketball Injuries and Their Treatments

Basketball is one of the most popular sports of today. It is also counted among the most strenuous and high speed physical activities of the modern times. We all are aware how often our favorite basketball players have fought with career ruining injuries. According to studies more than 1.6 million injuries have been associated with basketball and the number just keeps on increasing each year. Let’s have a look at the most common basketball injuries and the most effective ways to treat them:

  1. Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are very common among athletes belonging to numerous sports as a lot of their body weight eventually falls on the foot and the major joint that functions here to bear all that weight is the ankle joint. The right treatment for a sprained ankle would be rest until the doctor asks one to get out of bed, ice packs to reduce inflammation, compression, and elevation. Your physician may also advise you to wear supportive footwear with appropriate orthotics and/or insoles designed to provide you comfort and accelerate the healing process. He would tell you to go for X-rays and further evaluation depending on the severity and location of the pain. One may experience pain and swelling over the bone as well and in such cases the patient may need further evaluation.

  1. Jammed Fingers

Jammed Fingers is one of the most annoying basketball injuries. It happens when the ball contacts the end of the player’s finger. This causes significant pain and swelling of single joints in the fingers. Usually application of ice is very effective in this case. You may also buddy tape the injured finger to the adjacent finger to provide some instant relief. This allows the athlete to return to the game but if the pain and swelling persist, a careful evaluation by a physician is in tow. The certified athletic trainer may also recommended x-ray of the finger.

  1. Knee Injuries

Basketball players are required to make jumps and leaps and do some really intense moves and due to these sudden “stop and go” motions their knee joints suffer a lot. The forceful cutting maneuvers and high jumps and running put their ligaments and menisci of the knee at high risk or rupture and tear. A blow to the outside of the knee can cause injury to the medial collateral ligament. Although it can often be treated with ice packs, braces and in some cases use of orthotics insoles to absorb shocks and jerks to the knee, one is advised to return to activity gradually and take precautions while doing so. A more serious form of knee injury is the one that affects the anterior cruciate ligament which occurs with abrupt changes in the player’s direction and the way he lands for the jump. This tear is mostly a season ending injury and often requires corrective surgery.

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