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Revitalize Yourself With a Soothing Detox Foot Bath


Are you looking for something rejuvenating after a long and tiresome schedule? A Detox Foot Bath is for you. It is a recently introduced name in the world of beauty treatment.

So, let’s dig a little deeper into it!

A large number of salons and spas now offer detox foot baths to remove toxic wastes from the bottom of your feet. This is not a new method though. It has been present for thousands of years. While researching a bit about detox foot bath we found the presence of this treatment in ancient folklore. People have been using this process to cure infections and foot injuries along with some chronic diseases for hundreds of years.

The Question Still Looms Over: What Is Detox Foot Bath Exactly?

If you are a health freak or a sport enthusiast this process can help you without even making you withdraw from your regular diet. A carefully done detox foot bath cleanses your body of all the toxins and is without a doubt one of the safest ways to do so at the moment. Also there are a number of detox foot bath therapies that you can go for. The Detox Foot Pads and Detox Spa are one of the most recommended and used therapies.

A Few Listed Benefits Of Detox Foot Bath:

Does Away With Health Problems

Get instant relief from a number of health problems. Detox foot bath completely releases toxins from our body as we have discussed above.

Removes Metallic Toxins

This process also helps in the removal of heavy metallic substances like aluminum from our body.

It Deactivates Foreign Bodies

As we know, fungus, viruses, and bacteria are the real enemy of our body. Detox Foot bath dispenses these enemies from your bloodstream.

Maintains PH Balance

It increases the PH Level in your body.

Faster Recovery From Foot Injury

It accelerates the healing processes of your body. Therefore, if you have a severe foot injury you must go for this healing spa. It also infuses your body with oxygen.

Fast Pain Relief

It also provides you with quick relief from edema, joint or foot pain.


A Brief History of Detox Foot Bath

This amazing process is the outcome of a long and deep research conducted by Dr. Mary Stuggs. She followed the impression of an American inventor Royal Rife (who invented the microscope that could detect microbes).  In a story covered by the Daily Telegraph, this process is a bioenergetic vibration that runs throughout our body. When your feet are immersed in the detox bath it boosts your blood circulation and corrects the imbalance or injuries in your body.

How Should You Take A Foot Bath?

During your session you will be asked to sit on a chair keeping your feet immersed in the solution. A low voltage current then runs through the salted water for about 30 minutes (which later results in the removal of toxins in the form of ions). You are required to attend at least 6 sessions over 3 to 5 weeks so as to maximize your detoxification. There will be a visible change in the process depending on your willpower and lifestyle

Final Words

What we all need for efficient detoxification is a healthy lifestyle. You have to drink enough water and need to quit unhealthy food habits. Also, you must follow an exercise routine and a healthy lifestyle, only then you can get the best possible results out of your Detox Foot Bath sessions.


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